Change Log

## [1.3.5] 2019-01-01 Frederic Rezeau

* Enforced support for secure connections (SSL & WS over TLS).

## [1.3] 2018-12-18 Frederic Rezeau

* Daily Quests and rewards are live! Slay other players, collect pies, capture flags, survive in FFA, every day a new challenge is waiting!
* The limit (99 coins, 999 xp) for non logged in users has been removed!
* Random rewards (Spin) are now rewarded every 12 hours.
* Logged in users are now rewarded 200 coins (previously 100 coins).

## [1.2.5] 2018-11-15 Frederic Rezeau

* Many performance improvements, the game is now playable in most mobile browsers

## [1.2.0] 2018-07-09 Frederic Rezeau

* The Shop is now implemented!
* Players can trade (buy or sell) their lunchboxes.
* Coins can be used to activate temporary XP and item boosters.
* XP booster triples XP gains.
* Item booster gives 50 hammers, 50 jetpacks and 50 keys at start.
* Skins are now unlockable items (XP or coins).
* Existing players are automatically rewarded the last skin used in version 1.1.
* Players authenticating with Facebook or Google get 200 coins and 2 hours XP boost.
* Fixed issue with player data limited to 999/99 when logged in.
* Fixed issue with trophies not being rewarded.
* Major server back-end changes in preparation for the mobile launch.
* Major rendering loop and performance optimisations on mobile.

## [1.1.1] 2017-06-28 Frederic Rezeau

* Trophies have been added. They can be used to unlock items in the upcoming store.
* Top 5 players for the day will earn x1 Trophy.
* Players can now access their stats from the XP button.
* Stats summary for all players is now available on the leaderboard.

## [1.1] 2017-06-20 Frederic Rezeau

This release finally takes us out of BETA! Enjoy the new Team Mode and cooperate your way to victory!
* Team Mode: capture all flags, loot the vending machine, grab lunchboxes and gold!.
* Fixed issue with incorrect player calorie rewards when eating other players.
* Increase inactivity kick timer from 50 seconds to 1 minute.
* Fixed issue with duplicated players on same room.
* Minor UI improvements.
* Added 2 named skins: /blueteam and /redteam (skins cannot be changed in Team Mode).

## [Beta 3.9.5] 2017-06-08 Frederic Rezeau

* Added onboarding tutorial for new players (Finally!).

## [Beta 3.9] 2017-06-02 Frederic Rezeau

* Daily rewards. Players are rewarded gold and lunchboxes for coming back every day!
* Added ability to play full screen.
* Modified skin.
* Added versioning on all static files (CDN).

## [Beta 3.8] 2017-05-30 Frederic Rezeau

Lots of work behind the scene which should result in better performance overall and reduced lag spikes: * Upscaled servers from 4 cores to 8 cores to provide better user experience (lag).
* Migrated all servers to Unbutu.
* Added one server in ASIA region.
* UI improvements to enhance user experience.

## [Beta 3.7.5] 2017-05-19 Frederic Rezeau

* Added High Score label to main screen showing player best score.
* Reduced lunch box cost to 5K calories from 10K calories.
* First lunchbox is rewarded at 50K calories, instead of 60K calories.

## [Beta 3.7] 2017-05-17 Frederic Rezeau

* Added Lunchboxes: after reaching 50K calories, players will earn 1 lunchbox every 10k calories.
  - Lunchboxes can be consumed to gain 1 Skill Point.
  - They are saved across runs.
  - More lunchboxes will be available in the upcoming shop.
* Players can change skin (named skins) during gameplay by typing in the chat (e.g. /king).
* Non-authenticated players can now save gold (up to 99) and XP (up to 999). When they first authenticate gold and xp is transfered and the limit is removed.
* Minor UI and server fixes.

## [Beta 3.6] 2017-05-12 Frederic Rezeau

* Feeling Chatty? Press enter to chat with the world!
* Improved score board to report daily, weekly and all time scores.

## [Beta 3.5] 2017-05-06 Frederic Rezeau

* Perk Boxes have been implemented!
* Decreased the mushroom boost time from 1 minute to 30 seconds.
* Players will now start with one Jet Charge to power their Jetpack.
* Performance improvements server-side.
* UI improvements.
* Added /king named skin.

## [Beta 3.1] 2017-05-03 Frederic Rezeau

* Added EU Server so players from that region should enjoy much better connections.
* Improved server algorithm to spread players on different instances (less "table full" messages).
* Calories transfer on kills was increased from 25% to 50% (100% for flag carrier).
* Celebrating 300 FB likes with 300 Skin.

## [Beta 3.0] 2017-04-26 Frederic Rezeau

* Added skill system (much experimental).
* The Power Skill increases the damage to other players.
* The Armor skill decreases all incoming damage.
* Mushroom Pie now doubles the Power skill for 60 seconds.
* The lightning is now collectible item (like hammer and keys).
* The Jetpack can be activated at anytime with lightning charges.
* Shield Pie has been removed.
* Fat Burner has been removed.
* The size of the player reflects the amount of calories eaten.
* Server "inactive Player" kick time was increased to 40 seconds.

## [Beta 2.0] 2017-04-24 Frederic Rezeau

* Eating players now rewards their calories count!
* Fat burner (formerly jetpack) can be used to fly. Beware, it consumes calories at increasing rate!
* Improved UI numbers dislay (using K, M, B).
* Mushroom now increases eating speed as well.
* Mushroom effect time increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
* Mushroom damage factor slightly increased.

## [Beta 1.0] 2017-04-20 Frederic Rezeau

Finally reached beta! * New Item: Shroom! Double player size and damage!
* New Item: Lightning Bolt, double XP gains for 30 seconds (if logged in).
* Drastically improved UI with additional markers and effects.
* Added Propeller and Jetpack pies to loot these items respectively.
* Looting the steel pie does not reward Propeller or JetPack anymore.
* Jammed player pie: Reduced calories gain from 100 to 50 points.
* Fixed issue with key being consumed when looting normal pies.
* Fixed global scores issue and reset all scores.
* Bots do not use the XP premium skins anymore.
* Better balancing logic for assigning players to lobbies (should have less "Table Full" messages overall).

## [Alpha 0.3] 2017-04-14 Frederic Rezeau

* Added top scores (global).
* Added authenticated login with Facebook and Google.
* Added Experience Points (XP).
* Added 4 skins: UK Flag, Batman, Tiger, Picachu.
* Fixed issue with pies counter going backward.

## [Alpha 0.2] 2017-03-26 Frederic Rezeau

* New item: Shield (50% damage reduction).
* New item: Flag (100% calories bonus!). Only 2 lootable per lobby, eating the flag carrier rewards the flag.
* Added 2 skins (Cute Rabbit, Brazilian Flag).
* Fixed issue with bots eating flying players.
* Added "Total pies eaten" counter on main page.
* Up-scaled server to 4 Core / 7GB RAM.

## [Alpha 0.1] 2017-03-21 Frederic Rezeau

* Implemented multi-lobby instantiation on server.
* Added server reset notification.
* Added 2 skins (Korea flag, Dotted Pink).
* Leaderboard is now connected to all lobbies on same server (45 players).

## [Alpha 0.0] 2017-03-17 Frederic Rezeau

* Added a confirmation screen before going back to game menu.
* Bot AI is now using new medkits mechanic
* Added server timeout for inactive players.
* Implemented random skin assignment for bots.
* Added policy and terms.
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